About Dust On Our Shoes

VRBO - image 1Four years ago, our family – Scott, Yvette, Alexandra & Matthew – decided to work towards a ‘gap year’ in which we would travel as a family around the world. Over the last four years, we have wistfully discussed the exotic and historical places that we plan to visit.   We began by placing destination pins on a map of the world and quickly came to realize that there are just too many amazing places in the world to visit. We have routinely changed our minds as to which places interest us the most. Sometimes these changes are the result of civil unrest in various countries, our changing interests, and opportunities that have presented themselves. As we set out on our journey, we are certain that we need to be flexible and that our plans will evolve as we move around the world.

We hope that this world adventure will offer us opportunities to learn, reflect and grow together! Dust On Our Shoes will provide us with a place to catalogue these adventures.  Follow us to learn more about our travels!