Matthew’s Musings

Hi! My name is Matthew. I’m ten years old and I should be going into grade 5 this year, but instead I’m going on a ten-month trip. My mom and dad are going to homeschool me this year.   Over the next ten months, we plan to visit many countries. Our first stop is Iceland. While in Iceland, I want to go volcano caving to see the clear stalagmites and stalactites.

Our next stop is Paris and I’m looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower.   I’m most excited about going to India where I hope to see some tigers. J I also look forward to seeing the pyramids in Egypt.

About me – I like to play video games, especially MineCraft, SkyLander Giants, Lego Star Wars and Super Smash Bros. I also like canoe tripping, hiking and scrambling up small mountains (and bugging my sister, Alex) :)

Hope you find our blog, my posts and my vlogs interesting. Stay tuned!!! :)