Alex’s Anecdotes

Hi all! My name is Alex (short for Alexandra) and I am a 12, almost 13 year old from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During the next year my family and I will be traveling the world for a year.

Our trip will start in Iceland, and continue into Europe as well as North Africa. We will next head to Italy and North Africa again, and then proceed into Southern India and South-East Asia. As we head back in the direction of Toronto we will visit Kenya as well as Europe for the second time.

I am very excited to visit many countries. In France I am super excited to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and see the Medieval Castles near Bordeaux. I am also very excited to go to Egypt and see the Pyramids of Giza, and walk through the Valley of the Kings. Another two places that I am very excited to stay are Italy and South-East Asia, both because of their food, and beaches.

I am not excited for a few aspects of this trip though. I’m worried that I will not have enough clothes for the year, or that I will out grow all of them. I am also wary about how much privacy that I will get, and how early I will have to wake up.

Though I am very excited for this trip there will be a few things that I will miss about Toronto. For example I’ll miss all of my friends. So, this is a shout out to Kate, Mattise, Lizzy, Megan, Rebecca, Claire and the rest of FI7A (soon to be FI8A)! I hope that you’re reading this!

Next I’m going to talk (or write) about school, more specifically homeschool. My parents (Yvette and Scott) will be teaching me grade 8, and my brother grade 5. I am happy that they will be homeschooling us, because we’ll have no homework! Other then that I think that homeschool will be just like real school.

Now is time for you (who ever you are) to learn about me! Exciting, right? My interests consist of swimming, reading (mostly on Wattpad), and learning new things. Some things that I have never done are: eaten bugs, traveled out of Canada (not even the US), bungee jumped (even though I really want to), swum in lake Ontario (WAY too cold), had cable TV, or broken a bone.

Thanks for reading, and I hope that you will continue to follow our trip around the world!